RetroFuture Restorations

Vintage and Antique Restoration Specialist

Mission Statement

RetroFuture Restorations is a boutique company specializing in taking artifacts from the past that define a bygone era and preserving and reinterpreting them for the modern day.  History should not be forgotten, and it is our goal to keep the items that we used to define our lives in the not so distant past as a viable part of our everyday inventory of usefulness.  Specializing in advertising, appliances, electronics, sundries, decor, transportation, and generally interesting items that reflect the history of how we came to be as a culture, our aim is to stand as a reminder of the evolution of personal style and thought as reflected through the proverbial lens of a reminiscent past.  Some items warrant preservation being that they have survived the decades since they were first created but need maintenance to keep them alive for decades to come. We can restore these items.  Some items are too far gone to bring back to their original intent, and it is our mission to reinterpret these things into a modern day convenience that still warrants their usefulness while maintaining a style that cannot be recreated the same way, with the same style as the era of their origin. We can design that item for you. From transportation to decoration and everything in-between, RetroFuture Restorations is your go to source for experts in the artistic restoration and repurposing of those rusty or dusty items that have “a soul of their own” begging you to bring them back into your homes and lives.

Kiley Owen, Owner and Craftsman